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From archeology to contemporary art, from the art of gardening to photography, and from design to architecture, Connaissance des Arts is the leading magazine for art from all eras.

Creation date: 1952
CEO: Francis Morel
Head office: 16, rue du Quatre-Septembre, 75002 Paris - France


2020欧洲杯小组赛赛程When it first appeared in 1952, Connaissance des Arts was the first art journal to combine editorials and color reproductions. More than 60 years on, it is still covering the art of yesterday and today with the same passion, and harnessing the experience of the best journalists and experts. The magazine’s editorial line is deliberately open, giving readers an insight into art in all its forms and showcasing young talent and new trends alongside established artists. Exhibitions, auctions, fairs and shows: every month, Connaissance des Arts also brings its readers news from the farthest reaches of the art market. A number of themes are further developed in the special issue collection that boasts over fifty issues per year. Art lovers can now also keep up with art news at all times on the House’s website, a digital version of the magazine with extra photos and videos, and its mobile application.

Magazine Connaissance des Arts november 1975 © Société Française de Promotion Artistique


Connaissance des Arts covers numerous fields of artistic expression with a contemporary journalistic tone. Every month, the magazine offers "L'enquête", a look at the must-see art event of the moment, and runs features on three talented young contemporary artists.

Numéro Décembre 2014 © 2014 Société Française de Promotion Artistique


Guy Boyer, Editorial Director of Connaissance des Arts © Manolo Mylonas

” Through its magazine, special issues and digital offshoots, Connaissance des Arts offers a serious and curious slant on international art news. Connaissance des Arts follows major events launched by the Group because passion and education are central to its editorial activity.”


Eager to enhance understanding and promote culture, Connaissance des Arts’ journalists offer an exhaustive and enlightened analysis of French and international art news within their fields of expertise. In the special issue collection, which offers a more didactic approach, themes are examined in depth and the most interesting exhibitions are analyzed and reviewed by our best experts.

Magazine Connaissance des Arts © Société Française de Promotion Artistique / Bernard Saint-Genest


2020欧洲杯小组赛赛程Drawing on 25 years of experience in creating special issues, in 2014 Connaissance des Arts developed the My Visit digital application. It is designed for all kinds of events, including permanent collections, temporary exhibitions and festivals, My Visit is a visit-enhancing application that allows users to plan their visit in advance, experience it and discover even more. At its heart is the magazine’s expertise, with thematic trails that include images as well as audio and video material. Based on innovative, constantly evolving technology, My Visit offers art lovers a new way to visit museums and exhibitions and enjoy a high-quality enriched experience.

Key figures

  • 11 issues per year
  • 50 special issues published per year
  • 46,444 copies sold on average per month

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